Drs Adair Denholm & Pugh

Woodside Health Centre & Anderston Medical Centre

Drs Adair, Denholm and Pugh are based at Woodside Health & Care Centre and Anderston Medical Centre.  We have in excess of 6000 patients with approximately 50% attending at each centre.  (However we would ask that patients only attend the centre at which they register).  

We have a long tradition of accepting patients from so many diverse social and cultural backgrounds.

The practice has always strived to maintain the highest of standards in general practice and we believe that we are a caring, forward thinking and high achieving team.  

We expect that our staff would greet you in a friendly, welcoming and professional manner and that we would deal, as such, with your request/problem appropriately whether it was a receptionist, nurse or doctor that you see.

Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered by email. 

Please email: ggc.gp43218clinical@nhs.scot with your repeat prescription request including your full name and date of birth – stating which practice you are registered with.