Practice Partners

Dr Katie Adair


Dr Elizabeth Denholm


Dr Jack Pugh


Practice GPs

Dr Gillian Watt

Dr Erin Sheikh

Trainee GP

Dr Nada Al-Muhandis

Practice History

In 1948, at the inception of the NHS, Dr Ellis Glekin and Dr Percy Shenkin formed a group practice at 140 Cowcaddens Road, very near to the current Cowcaddens tube station. They both maintained branch surgeries with Dr Ellis in the Pollokshaws area and Dr Percy in the Anderston area.

In the 1950s Dr Percy decided to practice from the Anderston area only but ties between the practices still existed.

In 1971, Woodside Health Centre opened and 6 local practices which included our practice at Cowcaddens Road moved into Woodside Health Centre. This was the first Health Centre to open in the West of Scotland.

In 1975, Dr Barry Glekin, the eldest son of Dr Ellis Glekin joined the practice as a partner and in 1978 Dr Louis Glekin his second son joined as a partner.

There have been strong ties with the Department of General Practice at the University of Glasgow since the 1970s and we were involved in undergraduate medical and nursing teaching during the 1970s and 80s.

We became a training practice in 1982 for GPs and Dr David Sutherland who was one of our earliest registrars in 1985 became a partner in August 1986. At that time a group practice was reformed again with Dr Percy Shenkin who, at that time, was practicing from 68 St Vincent Terrace. These premises were not really suitable for modern general practice and after a long search the Anderston Medical Centre at 938 Argyle Street was opened by the now retired Dr Shenkin in January 1990. Dr Ellis Glekin also retired in 1990 and we decided to stop practicing from the Pollokshaws area at that time.

Dr Barry Glekin retired in September 2013 from the practice with Dr Euan Mabon taking over as a partner at that time.

Dr David Sutherland retired after 31 years with the practice in August 2016 and succeeded as partner by Dr Katie Adair.

The practice has always strived to maintain the highest of standards in general practice and we believe that we are a caring, forward thinking and high achieving practice.